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Grivola Trail ASD

Grivola Trail ASD is a non-profit association which includes, among its aims, the organization of sport events and the promotion, dissemination, protection and development of sporting activities encouraging the participation of citizens in sports and outdoors life such as cross-country sports, athletics, road racing, indoor acitivities and trail.


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Municipality of Aymavilles

Aymavilles and its territory are the main characters of Grivola trail. An initiative strongly wanted by the Municipal administration with a path that encounter the Church of Saint-Léger, the Roman aqueduct bridge of Pont d’Ael, three different lodges of the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Mario Gontier Bivouac at the base of Mount Grivola. On the other side, it reaches the tip of Mount Drink and then descend, through the pastures of Pierre and the beautiful landscapes of Ozein and Turlin, till the Castle of Aymavilles.

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Fondation Grand Paradis

Fondation Grand Paradis  was created to raise awareness and enhance the naturalistic and cultural peculiarities of Valle d’Aosta side of Gran Paradiso National Park. It is committed to share, protect and enhance the territory to which it belongs, with a dynamic, passionate and young team. Having this goal in mind, Fondation Grand Paradis organized the Grivola Trail zero edition in 2017, an exciting event featuring top runners and important people from the sport mountain world. The strong spirit of the athletes combined with the charm offered by the landscapes and historical testimonies of the territory, will offer a unique trail experience. The Grivola Trail paths are accessible all year round with a wide natural and cultural value.

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Interreg S.O.N.O - Svelare Occasioni Nutrire Opportunità

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Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest Italian national park, is a protected area since 1922 established by the Italian State in order to preserve in time the ecosystems of the valleys around the Gran Paradiso massif, an area with international and national biodiversity importance.

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BIM - Municipalities Consortium of Valle d'Aosta - Dora Baltea River Montano Imbrifero Basin

The Municipalities Consortium of Valle d’Aosta – Montano Imbrifero Basin is a “mandatory Consortium” among the Municipalities of Valle d’Aosta, established after the implementation of the 27 December 1953 n. 959  law, with the specific purpose of taking in account the super-nets paid by the hydroelectric companies that exploited the waters of Dora Baltea river. In addition to the financing activities of major infrastructure, BIM today supports numerous information campaigns on the topic of responsible use of water.

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Sci Club Drink

Ski Club Drink asd is a sports association founded in 1958 regarding the practice of winter sports disciplines, addressing mainly to the athletes of Aymavilles and neighbouring municipalities. Mainly active in the field of Nordic skiing, it has counted among its professional players several Italian champions and other pro athletes still active worldwide, plays above all a role of social aggregation and sports growth for young generations living in Aosta Valley.

Aymavilles Pro Loco

Active from 15 years, aims to organize in the municipality area traditional parties, culinary festivals and appointments directed to enhancing the culture and traditions. Among the organized most remarkable events, there is the Carnival, whose masks have been selected in 1994 to feature South Europe in the World Festival Exposition Mie (Osaka) – Japan.

Bivouac Fondation Mario Gontier (2.310m)

Located in Gran Paradiso National Park, the Bivouac was built thanks to a group initiative of young people from Aymavilles, to remember their dear friend Mario, a young mountaineer who passed away. The family and some close friends joined these guys to make it real, voluntarily providing their own workforce. From the Bivouac it is possible to ascend to Mount Gran Nomenon (3.488 meters) and to Mount Grivola (3.959 meters).

Main sponsor


It was 1986 when the Mello’s brand was born, the name is linked to the Val di Mello, a valley located at the beginning of Valtellina territory. The brand has established itself internationally in climbing, mountaineering and outdoor sportswear activities, sponsoring well known professional in their activities from 0 to 8.000 meters. Mello’s is composed by a team of people who spend a lot of their time, for worktime and passion, on the mountains where the organization leaders are able to express their peculiarities to the fullest.

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Grivel - verso 200 anni

Since 1818 in Courmayeur the Grivel family of blacksmiths began to convert the production of agricultural tools into mountaineering equipment, to meet the needs of a new generation of tourists interested in alpinism. In 1982 the Gobbi family bought the brand. Today Grivel is a “green” company, endowed with energy quality certifications, exporting products all over the world. In 2016 won the Compasso d’Oro with the product Twin Gate connector.

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